Is there any law related to pregnancy discrimination at employment?

There are many reported cases where women are refused for jobs just because of the reason that they were pregnant. In such a situation, you must understand that there are proper laws applicable in the country and you cannot be refused for the job just because you are pregnant! Unless otherwise provided, you cannot be rejected for an interview call, you cannot be fired from your current employment and you cannot be demoted from your current designation just because you are pregnant! Therefore, you must be very clear about this thing and must be aware of your rights when you are passing through this phase of your life. In many cases, women do not know their rights and when they face such a situation, they never take any action against their employers and as a result they are forced to quit the job. With the help of disabled employee rights and equality act, you can properly understand your rights and file your case in a better way.

What to expect in pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, you are entitled for extra leaves, this is the only right that women are aware of, however there are certain other things that must be known and you must call for your rights in order to get a proper treatment from the management at your organization. Following are some of the rights narrated that you could use during pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, she should be treated as a temporary disabled person and all the rights must be given to her.

• You cannot be stopped from applying to a position because of this reason.
• You cannot be stopped from working and cannot be fired from your office because you are pregnant or are facing any similar condition. If any such thing happens, you can always consult disability discrimination lawyer
• You are entitled to maternity leaves and an employer cannot make you bound to work in those leaves
• All the employment benefits must be aligning with those of the non-pregnant women
• If your company has declared health insurance, you must get the benefits as available with the insurance plan

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