Understanding emotional abuse as a domestic violence

Did you know that, when you are emotionally abused by someone close to you, that is a form of domestic violence and you have a right to press charges against them? This is one of the many things that you will learn at Domestic violence lawyer Fort Lauderdale. Emotional violence can feel as damaging and destructive just as physical abuse. It has the potential of impacting your mental health. It is a way the abuser uses to maintain control and power over someone.

It might be accompanied by another type of abuse such as financial, sexual or physical abuse. It is an abuse that is serious on its own and doesn’t have to rely on other abuses.
The following are some of the types of emotional abuses:
• Rejection: Constantly having to reject your ideas, thoughts, and opinions
• Verbal abuse: Insulting you, yelling at you, or swearing at you
• Gaslighting: Making you doubt your own thoughts and feelings, and even your sanity, by having to manipulate the truth.
• Causing fear: Making you feel intimidated, afraid, or threatened.
• Put-downs: Telling you that you are stupid or name calling, embarrassing you publicly, having to blame you for whatever happens. To be humiliated publicly is a form of social abuse.
• Isolations: Limiting the freedom to move, stopping you from contacting family and friends. It might also include having to stop you from doing things that you do on a normal day like sports, social activities, work or school. When you are isolated, it overlaps with social abuse.
• Bullying and intimidations: Repeatedly and purposely doing or saying things with an intention to hurt you.
• Financial abuse: Withholding or controlling your money, having to prevent you from studying or working, stealing what is rightfully yours. Financial abuse is a form of domestic violence.

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